Welcome to Positive Steps Housing

Positive steps housing provides high-quality housing for people with substance misuse issues who have a willingness to stop using substances and live in an abstinent community. We work individually with people to support them on their recovery journey and to work towards the best outcome for them. Everyone who lives within positive steps housing has an allocated key worker providing ongoing support through their recovery journey. Keyworkers work individually with residents to support rebuilding their life and demonstrating that an amazing abstinent life is possible.

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About Positive Steps

Everyone who lives within Positive Steps Housing has an allocated key worker, providing ongoing support through their recovery journey. Key workers work individually with residents to help them rebuild their lives and demonstrate that an amazing abstinent life is possible.

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Recovery Homes

Positive Steps Housing works as part of a multi-agency team, we may liaise with social services, probation services, alcohol and drug services, and any other relevant agency. Using this information, we tailor our recovery housing to the needs of the individual concerned to ensure the best possible outcome.

Positive Steps recovery homes take referrals from councils, medical agencies, police and prisons in Greater Manchester

Referral Process

Positive Steps Housing takes referrals from residential treatment centres, the police and probation services, drug and alcohol agencies, HM prisons, homeless shelters, GP surgeries plus self referrals. Entry requirements are that applicants are committed to working towards an abstinent lifestyle.

Greater Manchester residential recovery home locations

Our Location

Positive Steps Housing is based in Atherton, Greater Manchester and have a number of purpose built, multi occupancy recovery houses in Greater Manchester. Our recovery housing is available to adults with addiction issues from Tameside, Oldham and Greater Manchester.