recovery housing in Greater Manchester

Recovery Housing in Greater Manchester

At Positive Steps Housing our aim is to provide a safe secure and structured environment where with support individuals can abstain from substances and begin to rebuild their lives.

Our homes are fully furnished and ready to move into and are situated in Atherton in Wigan and Failsworth in Oldham.

Our homes provide a stable and structured environment to allow residents to begin their recovery supported by staff focused with a desire and ethos leaning heavily towards ongoing community-based recovery.

As part of Positive Steps' criteria individuals must abstain from all substances and be willing to provide regular drug test samples. Residents must have a commitment to engaging in community-based recovery and a desire to work towards volunteering, college or employment and attend a minimum of 3 mutual aid groups per week.

Recovery Homes

Positive Steps work as part of a multi-agency team, we may liaise with social services, probation services, alcohol and drug services, and any other relevant agency. Using this information we tailor our recovery housing to the needs of the individual concerned to ensure the best possible outcome.

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