Refer Users to Positive Steps Housing

Referral Process

Positive Steps Housing takes self- referrals from anyone committed to working towards an abstinent life. We also take referrals from residential treatment centres, the police and probation services, drug and alcohol agencies, HM prisons, homeless shelters and GP surgeries.

Referrals to Positive Steps

Positive Steps accepts self-referrals. We also take referrals from residential treatment centres, housing providers, drug and alcohol services, hospitals, prisons, probation, homeless shelters and doctors’ surgeries. Individuals must be committed to abstaining from drugs and alcohol and engaging with support to build their recovery.

As part of Positive Steps’s criteria individuals must abstain from all substances and be willing to provide regular drug test samples. There must be a commitment to engaging in community-based recovery, work towards volunteering, college or employment and attend a minimum of 3 mutual aid groups per week. Individuals must not use substances whilst in their tenancy and be willing to stabilise and or reduce on any medications.

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Positive Steps Housing currently accepts referrals from

● Police PPO teams
● Probation Service
● HMP Prisons
● Drug and Alcohol Agencies
● Housing Organisations
● Local Authorities
● Religious Organisations
● NHS & Doctors
● Self Referrals

If you have any further questions about referrals, please contact a member of the team: